Detention Pond Infiltration and Evaporation Losses

Subject:  Detention Pond Infiltration and Evaporation Losses


You can also add a storage pond infiltration and surface evaporation losses to the pond.  The surface evaporation is added to the infiltration (computed from the green ampt parameters); a storage volume summary listing the average and maximum volume and the percent loss from the combined infiltration and evaporation from the ponds.  The pond infiltration loss during a time step is basd on the areal weighed average depth, the Green Ampt infiltration and the Area of the pond.


Figure 1.  Pond Infiltration Loss Assumptions

Figure 2. SWMM 5 Storage Summary listing Evaporation



Figure 3.  Infiltration Pond Data is entered in the Property Sheet for the Node.


infiltration_detetention_pond.inp Download this file