Fifty Years of Watershed Modeling - Past, Present and Future An ECI Conference


March 2, 2012


2012: Celebrating 50 years of international, interdisciplinary engineering conferences

General Announcement and Call for Poster Abstracts
Poster Abstract Submission Deadline: May 10, 2012

Fifty Years of Watershed Modeling - Past, Present and Future
An ECI Conference

September 24-27, 2012
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Dear Colleague,

We are now accepting submission of poster abstracts for the “Fifty Years of Watershed Modeling – Past, Present and Future” conference to be held in Boulder, Colorado, between, September 24-27, 2012.

About this conference

Conference Venue

Submission of Abstracts

The oral presentations are all by invited speakers. However, the conference organizers welcome poster abstracts from all potential participants. Posters will be grouped and displayed by theme to maximize information exchange and networking opportunities.

The conference venue (NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research) provides spaces for maximum of 50 posters (4ft x 4ft per poster).

Important Dates
May 10, 2012 Deadline for poster abstract submissions (250-300 words per abstract)
June 10, 2012 Acceptance and official notice
September 24, 2012 Posters should be placed at designated areas by noon.

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts (see themes below) for the poster sessions, which form an integral part of the conference.

One-page abstracts (approximately 250-300 words) that include specific results and conclusions to allow a scientific assessment of proposed presentation are invited. Abstract Submission

The abstract template available at the above link must be followed for an abstract to be considered for presentation.

1. Case Studies in Watershed Modeling (10-15 posters)
Historical and/or existing watershed model application cases:

· noteworthy watershed modeling projects in various applications (e.g., operational watershed management, TMDLs, sustainability, climate change, etc.)

· sensitivity and uncertainty analyses with complex watershed models

· use of models for regulatory and policy decision-making

· acceptance/reliance on model analyses within the Legal (i.e. court) system

· case studies where the model provided surprising (even counter-intuitive) insights into management decisions, etc.

2. Scientific/Technical Innovations in Watershed Modeling (25-30 posters)
Ongoing innovations in watershed modeling techniques, such as:

· surface/subsurface water and groundwater interactions

· lumped versus distributed parameterization

· modeling in multiple spatial scales

· code/model/system interface integration

· data monitoring and model calibration

· data integration (e.g., satellite and web-based data, remote sensing, LIDAR, digital orthophotos, and GIS programming to support data and parameterization needs)

· combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows

· stormwater permitting and agricultural permitting

· watershed-based programs and decision making, etc.

3. Path Forward in Watershed Modeling (10-15 posters) Breakthrough current/future challenges in watershed science and modeling, including:

· environmental sustainability

· climate change

· evolving water quality standards

· biogeochemical and ecological endpoints

· linked/integrated and distributed 1D-2D models in urban and mixed landuse

· more innovative management technologies

· potential drivers that will support the future enhancement and continued evolution of the models, etc.

Awards and/or scholarships may be available. Applicants should continue to check back to this website for updates on these potential opportunities.

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