Innovyze Releases Second-Generation InfoMaster Sewer, Expanding ArcGIS-based Asset Management for Smart Water Networks


Innovyze Releases Second-Generation InfoMaster Sewer, Expanding ArcGIS-based Asset Management for Smart Water Networks

New Version Improves Sewer System Analysis, Mobile Functionality, and Data Interoperability 


Broomfield, Colorado USA, November 13, 2012 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced the release of InfoMaster SewerGeneration V2 for enterprise management and analysis of sewer collection system data. The InfoMaster product suite provides critical insight into all utility enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, facilitating significantly better planning and control. It lets utilities use information and analytics in new ways to drive higher productivity and quality while managing costs and increasing operational flexibility. Available exclusively for the Esri (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS 10 platform, it includes components to run on desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone environments.

InfoMaster revolutionizes the business analytics and optimization (BAO) industry for water and wastewater utilities with its “out-of-the-box” approach to geospatial wet infrastructure asset management — a distinct point of differentiation from traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. While the typical enterprise software deployment requires a 12- to 18-month implementation cycle, InfoMaster can be deployed in just a day to a few weeks — giving small to medium sized utilities the first-ever opportunity to optimize network management at very low cost.

Where other ERP systems are focused on electronic records management, InfoMaster is built from the ground up to provide superior business analytics and modeling capabilities. This marks the first time utilities can manage and control the flow of both data and water for better, faster and more accurate decision making. And becauseInfoMaster data can be organized by project, a single BAO package can be used by both the utility and its engineering consultants — enabling enormous flexibility in managing data for multiple utilities.

With InfoMaster Sewer, a utility can manage its entire underground infrastructure directly from the Esri geodatabase. Because any analysis is only as strong as its underlying data, InfoMaster includes direct support for pipes, manholes, pump stations, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections, manhole inspections, smoke testing, customer incidents, and other field activities. Data can be read directly from an enterprise geodatabase; imported or linked to third-party ERP systems; or entered directly through the desktop, web, or companion smartphone or tablet applications.

InfoMaster Sewer V2 includes dozens of new features and functionalities to deliver significantly improved capabilities and performance. Ongoing refinements to the InfoMaster interface seamlessly support asset performance management. Users can access all performance and evaluation ratings quickly, and new mapping and color coding options enhance visualization, making it easier to identify defects and rehabilitation options. Task management and data interoperability have been improved, allowing smoother integration of InfoMaster Sewer with existing computerized maintenance management systems. Work order creation has also been streamlined to enhance the creation of proactive sewer maintenance schedules. The new version includes a dockable report and graph manager, allowing reports to remain visible at all times. Reports can be saved and retrieved at any later time, and multiple objects and datasets can be compared in graphs or reports.

InfoMaster Sewer analysis tools are unparalleled in the industry, giving utilities the ability to validate and then “slice and dice” virtually any piece of data. Armed with clean data, a utility can use InfoMaster tools and wizards to move nimbly in optimizing operations. They include applications to establish a prioritized capital replacement plan based on inspection data from pipeline and manhole assessment certification programs (PACP and MACP); reduce the number of “hotspot” cleaning activities by comparing current cleaning schedules to upstream blockage complaints reported; and overlay smoke testing defects reported in real time through an iPhone with Bing (Microsoft, Redmond, WA) aerial maps to facilitate identification of older houses with cross connections.

“With InfoMaster, we have equipped water and wastewater utilities worldwide with a very powerful and flexible business-critical decision support tool, giving our customers the broadest, deepest and most integrated product offerings in our 15-year history,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE. “The new version builds on the breakthrough technology in Version One, using geospatial and real-time data and advanced mathematical, modeling and optimization tools to help utility owner-operators find and solve problems in their systems. It can be effectively used in all phases of the asset lifecycle, from early detection and assessment of risks to long-range budgeting and planning. Our mission is to help customers produce the best, most innovative solutions to their business challenges. With our support, they can aim high and deliver — consistently.