SWMM 5 Error Messages

Engine Error Number


ERROR 101:

memory allocation error.                                                                                            

ERROR 103:

cannot solve KW equations for Link                                                                                  

ERROR 105:

cannot open ODE solver.                                                                                             

ERROR 107:

cannot compute a valid time step.                                                                                    

ERROR 108:

ambiguous outlet ID name for Subcatchment                                                                           

ERROR 109:

invalid parameter values for Aquifer                                                                                 

ERROR 110:

ground elevation is below water table for Subcatchment                                                              

ERROR 111:

invalid length for Conduit                                                                                           

ERROR 112:

elevation drop exceeds length for Conduit                                                                           

ERROR 113:

invalid roughness for Conduit                                                                                        

ERROR 114:

invalid number of barrels for Conduit                                                                               

ERROR 115:

adverse slope for Conduit                                                                                            

ERROR 117:

no cross section defined for Link                                                                                   

ERROR 119:

invalid cross section for Link                                                                                       

ERROR 121:

missing or invalid pump curve assigned to Pump                                                                      

ERROR 131:

the following links form cyclic loops in the drainage system:                                                       

ERROR 133:

Node %s has more than one outlet link.                                                                              

ERROR 134:

Node %s has illegal DUMMY link connections.                                                                         

ERROR 135:

Divider %s does not have two outlet links.                                                                           

ERROR 136:

Divider %s has invalid diversion link.                                                                              

ERROR 137:

Weir Divider %s has invalid parameters.                                                                              

ERROR 138:

Node %s has initial depth greater than maximum depth.                                                               

ERROR 139:

Regulator %s is the outlet of a non-storage node.                                                                    

ERROR 141:

Outfall %s has more than 1 inlet link or an outlet link.                                                            

ERROR 143:

Regulator %s has invalid cross-section shape.                                                                        

ERROR 145:

Drainage system has no acceptable outlet nodes.                                                                     

ERROR 151:

a Unit Hydrograph in set %s has invalid time base.                                                                   

ERROR 153:

a Unit Hydrograph in set %s has invalid response ratios.                                                            

ERROR 155:

invalid sewer area for RDII at node                                                                                  

ERROR 156:

inconsistent data file name for Rain Gage                                                                           

ERROR 157:

inconsistent rainfall format for Rain Gage                                                                          

ERROR 158:

time series for Rain Gage %s is also used by another object.                                                        

ERROR 159:

recording interval greater than time series interval for Rain Gage                                                  

ERROR 161:

cyclic dependency in treatment functions at node                                                                    

ERROR 171:

Curve %s has invalid or out of sequence data.                                                                       

ERROR 173:

Time Series %s has its data out of sequence.                                                                         

ERROR 181:

invalid Snow Melt Climatology parameters.                                                                           

ERROR 182:

invalid parameters for Snow Pack                                                                                     

ERROR 183:

no type specified for LID                                                                                           

ERROR 184:

missing layer for LID                                                                                                

ERROR 185:

invalid parameter value for LID                                                                                     

ERROR 186:

invalid parameter value for LID placed in Subcatchment                                                               

ERROR 187:

LID area exceeds total area for Subcatchment                                                                        

ERROR 188:

LID capture area exceeds total impervious area for Subcatchment                                                     

ERROR 191:

simulation start date comes after ending date.                                                                      

ERROR 193:

report start date comes after ending date.                                                                          

ERROR 195:

reporting time step or duration is less than routing time step.                                                      

ERROR 200:

one or more errors in input file.                                                                                   

ERROR 201:

too many characters in input line                                                                                    

ERROR 203:

too few items                                                                                                       

ERROR 205:

invalid keyword %s                                                                                                   

ERROR 207:

duplicate ID name %s                                                                                                

ERROR 209:

undefined object %s                                                                                                  

ERROR 211:

invalid number %s                                                                                                   

ERROR 213:

invalid date/time %s                                                                                                 

ERROR 217:

control rule clause out of sequence                                                                                 

ERROR 219:

data provided for unidentified transect                                                                              

ERROR 221:

transect station out of sequence                                                                                    

ERROR 223:

Transect %s has too few stations.                                                                                    

ERROR 225:

Transect %s has too many stations.                                                                                  

ERROR 227:

Transect %s has no Manning's N.                                                                                     

ERROR 229:

Transect %s has invalid overbank locations.                                                                         

ERROR 231:

Transect %s has no depth.                                                                                           

ERROR 233:

invalid treatment function expression                                                                                

ERROR 301:

files share same names.                                                                                             

ERROR 303:

cannot open input file.                                                                                              

ERROR 305:

cannot open report file.                                                                                            

ERROR 307:

cannot open binary results file.                                                                                     

ERROR 309:

error writing to binary results file.                                                                               

ERROR 311:

error reading from binary results file.                                                                              

ERROR 313:

cannot open scratch rainfall interface file.                                                                        

ERROR 315:

cannot open rainfall interface file                                                                                  

ERROR 317:

cannot open rainfall data file                                                                                      

ERROR 318:

date out of sequence in rainfall data file                                                                           

ERROR 319:

invalid format for rainfall interface file.                                                                         

ERROR 321:

no data in rainfall interface file for gage                                                                         

ERROR 323:

cannot open runoff interface file                                                                                   

ERROR 325:

incompatible data found in runoff interface file.                                                                   

ERROR 327:

attempting to read beyond end of runoff interface file.                                                              

ERROR 329:

error in reading from runoff interface file.                                                                        

ERROR 330:

hotstart interface files have same names.                                                                            

ERROR 331:

cannot open hotstart interface file                                                                                 

ERROR 333:

incompatible data found in hotstart interface file.                                                                  

ERROR 335:

error in reading from hotstart interface file.                                                                      

ERROR 336:

no climate file specified for evaporation and/or wind speed.                                                         

ERROR 337:

cannot open climate file                                                                                            

ERROR 338:

error in reading from climate file                                                                                   

ERROR 339:

attempt to read beyond end of climate file                                                                          

ERROR 341:

cannot open scratch RDII interface file.                                                                             

ERROR 343:

cannot open RDII interface file                                                                                     

ERROR 345:

invalid format for RDII interface file.                                                                             

ERROR 351:

cannot open routing interface file                                                                                  

ERROR 353:

invalid format for routing interface file                                                                           

ERROR 355:

mis-matched names in routing interface file                                                                          

ERROR 357:

inflows and outflows interface files have same name.                                                                

ERROR 361:

could not open external file used for Time Series                                                                    

ERROR 363:

invalid data in external file used for Time Series                                                                  

ERROR 401:

general system error.                                                                                                

ERROR 402:

cannot open new project while current project still open.                                                           

ERROR 403:

project not open or last run not ended.                                                                              

ERROR 405:

amount of output produced will exceed maximum file size; either reduce Ending Date or increase Reporting Time Step.