Sultanate of Oman Selects InfoWorks WS Smart Water Modeling Software to Advance Country’s Water Network

Sultanate of Oman Selects InfoWorks WS Smart Water Modeling Software
to Advance Country’s Water Network

Key Middle East Utility Looks to Innovyze Technology 


Broomfield, Colorado USA, November 20, 2012 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced that Seureca Muscat, a subsidiary of Veolia Environment (NYSE: VE), in support of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water of the Sultanate of Oman has adopted InfoWorks WS smart water modeling software to improve the operation, maintenance and management of the country’s water utilities. With this purchase, PAEW gains access to the most advanced and comprehensive water distribution network modeling and management applications in the industry.

In November 2010, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) listed Oman as the nation most improved during the preceding 40 years. Omani authorities and PAEW have long been focused on developing, enhancing and strengthening the Sultanate’s water infrastructure, working in partnership with Seureca Muscat (part of Veolia Water) to co-manage water services. PAEW supplies water to 50 percent of the citizens of Oman through a hydraulic network that includes a 132 MGD (500 million liter) drinking water network fed by 4 large 25+ MGD (100+ million liter) desalination works. The water network is rapidly developing and expanding with the ultimate aim of supplying the vast majority of the population from a water network by 2035.

“Innovyze has always had an outstanding reputation for innovation, technical support and customer service, but the most important factor in our decision was that InfoWorks WS software matched our needs,” said Richard Burd, Senior Engineer, Seureca Muscat. “We are now able to make determinations based on an accurate view of the network’s strengths and weaknesses. We can also better monitor the country’s water quality and utility operations to insure that we are delivering the best possible water and customer service.”

Around the world, high quality all-mains InfoWorks WS models are enabling utilities to make informed and confident planning, design and management decisions by giving them an accurate view of their drinking water distribution systems’ performance. This information — including water quality, supply, demand and infrastructure problems and investigations of remedial measures — allows them to provide commercial, industrial and domestic users with a sustainable supply of high quality water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate while minimizing loss through leakage. Part of the Innovyze advanced workgroup modeling management platform, InfoWorks WSis built to handle very large and complex models and allow robust multi-user collaboration.

Using an industry standard relational database, InfoWorks WS allows utilities to review, compare and actively manage current and historical model network versions. In addition to full details of each modification made to the network geometry and control data, the software also provides version IDs, date stamps and modeler details. A “data flags” feature shows origins of all source data, enhancing users’ confidence level in the quality of the model. A “compare” function allows two model versions or sets of control data to be compared and creates a detailed report outlining the differences. The data can even be applied to another network or control set to update changes. When new infrastructure is commissioned in a modeled area, this functionality enables users to update existing models rather than rebuild them, resulting in enormous productivity gains and financial benefits.

“We’re very pleased to know that one of the world’s most-improved countries has selected our industry-leading smart water software to help them better meet the many needs of their growing country and its citizens,” said Andrew Brown, Director of International Operations for Innovyze. “InfoWorks WS is a powerful solution that solves many of the analysis, design and business challenges that expanding utilities must face. We are delighted that PAEW has selected Innovyze in its continuous quest to strengthen water infrastructure and improve customer service in the Sultanate of Oman.”