Innovyze Releases BalanceNet for IWLive, Next Generation of Real-Time Operations Optimization Software for Smarter Water Utilities

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Releases BalanceNet for IWLive,
Next Generation of Real-Time Operations Optimization Software for Smarter Water Utilities
New Release Raises Bar for Energy Management and Sustainability Software,
Delivers Economic, Operational and Environmental Benefits
Broomfield, Colorado USA, February 12, 2013 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced the release of BalanceNetfor IWLive  This new state-of-the-art real-time energy management and sustainability solution for drinking water distribution systems is designed to change the way water utility operators around the world make informed decisions on operating and managing their complex water networks to minimize energy costs and environmental impact while meeting production and performance requirements.

Water utilities are energy-intensive, and consumers use water in energy-intensive ways, like water heating and pressurizing. Approximately 80% of municipal water processing and distribution costs are for electricity, the vast majority of it consumed by pumps. In California, water-related energy use consumes roughly 20 percent of the state’s electricity, 30 percent of its natural gas, and 88 billion gallons of diesel fuel every year — and the demand is growing. Nationally, About 13 percent of U.S. electricity consumption is related to water, and the CO2 embedded in the nation’s water represents 5% of all U.S. carbon emissions.

BalanceNet is designed expressly to assist water distribution system operators and train new operators in managing their energy consumption more effectively. It does so by equipping control rooms with the unprecedented real-time ability to develop sound, cost-effective pump scheduling policies that reduce operational and chemical costs, improve system performance and enable more reliable operations.

Designed for online applications with existing SCADA systems, BalanceNet reads real-time field data, instantly updates the network model and determines which pump and treatment plant schedules will yield the lowest operating cost while satisfying the desired system performance requirements (e.g., target tank trajectory curves, minimum and maximum flows and velocities, total pump flows). It uniquely combines an optimized mass balance model with an advanced network solver to quickly produce a set of near-ideal solutions for improving system operations. The network solver automatically defines the mass balance model, accounting for changes in demand, controls and other factors in each time step. The mass balance model is then optimized using Genetic Algorithms. Both energy consumption and pump switching costs are explicitly considered, and JET, Oracle, SQL and Pi databases are fully supported. The optimized pumping schedule can then be fed to the SCADA system for use in implementing resulting network control policies. These advantages represent fundamental advances in how readily water utilities operators can evaluate the efficiency of their water networks, then quickly and confidently develop improved system operations and more reliable performance.

“Since day one, our mission has been to bring powerful product development capabilities to the smart water network modeling community and foster its expansion,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE,Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovyze. “BalanceNet is a significant leap — an invaluable new water distribution systems planning and operations tool that will greatly aid utilities in improving the efficiency of their distribution systems and ensuring more reliable operations at maximum cost savings. This new software greatly enhances their ability to produce the best possible pumping schedules with minimum effort, reduced labor requirements and significant cost savings. The release demonstrates our strong commitment to continually delivering innovative technologies and superior value to our customers who manage, operate and sustain safe, reliable drinking water distribution systems. Innovyze is very proud to offer this revolutionary new power tool to the global waterworks industry.”

Pricing and Availability
BalanceNet for IWLive is available by subscription worldwide. For the latest information on the Innovyze Subscription Program, visit or contact your local Innovyze Channel Partner.

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From the Dish - The Wisdom of Play

The Wisdom Of Play

FEB 10 2013 @ 1:43PM

Mark Rowland meditates on the well-lived life, arguing that it “is play, and not work, that gives value to our lives”:

It might be that most of the things we do in life we do for the sake of something else. But there are still some things we do just to do them — for their own sake and not for the sake of anything else. If the former category is work, then the latter category is play. Work is activity directed at an external goal. Play is activity whose goal is internal or intrinsic to it. In its pure form, play has no external purpose or reward. We play just to play. When my sons’ volleys have been sufficiently consistent and accurate, their tennis coach will instigate a game. He yells, ‘Fruit basket!’ and lobs several balls into the air in quick succession. They have to drop their rackets, run and catch the balls before they stop bouncing. This is done amid much cackling and squeals of delight on their part — almost as if the rest of their lesson was work aimed at unleashing this bout of play. I love watching this, because I cannot imagine a purer form of play. There is no external goal or purpose. My sons do it simply because at that precise moment in time — and the squeals of delight are testament to this — there is nothing in the world they would rather be doing.

Innovyze Announces Release of ICMLive; Real-Time Operational Forecasting of Urban and Rural Catchments

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Announces Release of ICMLive;
Real-Time Operational Forecasting of Urban and Rural Catchments
Revolutionary New Product Equips Water Utilities and River Authorities
with Unprecedented Decision-Making Capability
Broomfield, Colorado USA, February 05, 2013 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced the worldwide release ofICMLive for real-time operational forecasting of urban and rural catchments. The pioneering release provides water utilities timely, accurate and reliable forecasts of what will happen within a catchment, based on past and current observations of a multitude of parameters along with future rainfall predictions. The product combines the comprehensive integrated catchment modeling capabilities of InfoWorks ICM with sophisticated real-time operational forecasting, early warning, and emergency management. This debut reflects Innovyze’s vanguard position in the water industry and its ongoing commitment to delivering pioneering smart water solutions that enhance the safety, reliability and sustainability of the world’s wet infrastructure systems.

Advances in computer simulation and hardware have made real-time operation of stormwater, wastewater, river and combined systems a reality. ICMLive allows both large and small utilities and water authorities to manage their systems more efficiently and effectively than ever before. A powerful risk assessment and real-time decision making tool, it enables managers and operators to consider the influence of a full range of catchment factors in the management of flooding and the reduction of unregulated discharges; the optimization of storage and existing infrastructure, leading to savings on capital works; and the optimization of pumps to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

ICMLive is designed to work automatically. Once a system is configured, real-time data is continually and automatically harvested and quality checked. This data can be defined by a number of parameters, including observed and forecast radar rainfall, online water quality measurements, and ancillary structure and pump operation time series. Simulations are run automatically at a user-defined frequency using the full hydrodynamic and technological capabilities of InfoWorks ICM, including one- and two-dimensional modeling techniques, real-time control, dynamic water quality analysis, and GPU-enhanced and remote simulation. Simulation frequency can change in response to user-defined conditions. For example, increased rainfall intensity can trigger a reduction in the interval between simulations.

Warnings or alerts triggered during the forecast period are instantly displayed via the rich ICMLive user interface, allowing system operators to see at a glance which areas need attention and what options might be taken. Comparison alerts can be used to highlight differences between observed and modeled results, enabling users to refine their models — creating unprecedented confidence in simulation results.

ICMLive also allows operators to perform additional scenario analysis simulations, exploring alternative real time control scenarios, such as the impact of switching on a pump earlier than planned, and quickly seeing the effect of these changes on the system. The wide range of capabilities available in ICMLive allow it to be used as a key tool in the decision making process, enabling operators to take action to avoid system issues, release timely alerts, and quickly deploy response teams if necessary.

“Integrated catchment modeling is an invaluable tool for water utility planning, engineering and water quality departments,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President and Chief Operating Officer of Innovyze. “However, translating these benefits to real-time operations has proven difficult. With ICMLive, Innovyze has changed the paradigm for how and where integrated catchment models can be applied. This milestone solution gives engineering professionals the most advanced and comprehensive toolset available for planning, designing, operating and sustaining safe, reliable and efficient drainage systems while effectively protecting public health and our waterways.”

Pricing and Availability
ICMLive is now available worldwide by subscription. For the latest information on the Innovyze Subscription Program, including availability and purchase requirements, visit or contact your local Innovyze Channel Partner.